Abednego Boutique

Another Germantown staple is Abednego which was started by CEO Meredith. Located on 4th Avenue North, this store is named after the well known bible passage of the three men tossed in a fiery furnace who came out unharmed due to their faith.

The store primarily caters to women’s fashions and home goods and accessories. The store carries women’s tops, bottoms as well as paper and candle type goods for the home. A diverse collection of items makes this store one of the most unique and trendy in Nashville. Also featured are blankets and pillows which help accent and stylize the home with many different choices available in their retail location.

Owner Meredith mentions how the store came about in 2015 and the trials and tribulations she has gone through in life which is what makes the store even that much more real and a treat for the area. Check them out today!

1210 4th Ave N in Nashville, TN. 615-712-6028